MODC Events

Movements of Dogs and Cats - Session 14 (Canceled) 10 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020 Malaga, Spain
Movements of Dogs and Cats - Session 15 (Canceled) 01 Déc 2020 04 Déc 2020 Athens, Greece
Movements of Dogs and Cats - Session 16 19 Jan 2021 22 Jan 2021 Amsterdam, Netherlands


2016 96 03 -Organisation of training sessions on Control of movements of dogs and cats, i.e. intra-Union trade, imports and non-commercial movements under the Better Training for Safer Food initiative.

8 3-days training sessions (2 full days and 2 half days) will be organised in four EU Member States. Each training will include a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Study visits to Border Inspection Posts and Travellers Points of Entry will also be organised in order to give to the participants practical examples of official checks on import, trade-in and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats.

  • Number of events during the project: 8
  • Seminar duration: 3 days
  • Regional coverage: EU MS, CC, Potential Candidate, Selected non-EU countries


o Providing to the veterinary services and customs"™ staff common understanding of the EU legislation on controls of import, trade-in and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats.

  • Protecting the EU territory against the occurrence of cases of imported rabies.

For reaching these objectives, the project envisages to:

ü Organise and implement 10 training sessions for veterinary services"™ and custom staff working on issues related to movement of dogs and cats.

ü The training sessions will focus on the subject matters defined in the technical specifications of this tender, in different EU Member States, as per the indicative table given in the Executive Summary. These training sessions have to reach globally 310 participants who will be supported by the project. On average each training session will enlist 31 participants.

ü Ensure communication and dissemination of information regarding the EU legislation on movements of dogs and cats, this project and the BTSF programme, in order to ensure visibility to the project"™s activities.

ü Ensure dissemination of the training material which could be used also for training courses at national level.

ü Ensure a high level of service throughout the project"™s implementation, in compliance with BTSF requirements, in particular regarding the standards of accommodation and catering during the events.