FCM Events

Food Contact Materials - Session 7 19 Nov 2019 22 Nov 2019 Athens - Greece
Food Contact Materials - Session 8 21 Jan 2020 24 Jan 2020 Valencia, Spain
Food Contact Materials - Session 9 10 Mar 2020 13 Mar 2020 Milano, Italy
Food Contact Materials - Session 10 21 Avr 2020 24 Avr 2020 Athens - Greece


The contract (CHAFEA) n°2017 96 06 - Organisation and implementation of training activities on the control of food contact materials, under the "Better Training for Safer Food initiative" :

This contract deals with the organisation and implementation of training activities on the control of Food Contact Materials, their use and marketing under the "BTSF" initiative (CHAFEA/2017/BTSF/07).

The training session will especially address key questions such as :

  • Control of the whole food contact materials chain and the compliance of the FCM manufacturing and importing establishments with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004;
  • Examination of written materials and in particular the specifications regarding declaration of compliance for food contact materials.
  • Assessment of the implementation of good manufacturing practice by FBOs, and decision taking


10 sessions of three days each will be organized in Tallin, Athens, Munich, Valencia and Milan, for a total of 300 participants from the EU, Candidate Countries and selected other countries from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The trainings will include lectures and visits of industries.


Contract: Contract CHAFEA 2014 96 02: Organisation and implementation of training activities on inspection and calibration of pesticide application equipment in professional use under the Netter Training for Safer Food Initiative.