'Better Training for Safer Food' (BTSF) is an European Commission initiative designed to develop an EU training strategy in the areas of food law, feed law, animal health, animal welfare rules and plant health rules.

The initiative is intended for all officials of Member State competent authorities who are involved in official control activities, so as they keep abreast with all aspects of Community law in the areas mentioned above and ensure that controls are carried out in a uniform, objective and adequate manner in all Member States.


The main objectives are:

  • Ensuring and maintaining a high level of consumer protection and of animal health, animal welfare and plant health;
  • Improving and harmonising Community and national control procedures;
  • Creating an equal level playing field for all food businesses;
  • Safeguarding the safety of food imports from third countries on the EU market, and to reduce risks for EU consumers;
  • Enhancing trade of safe food;
  • Ensuring fair trade with third countries and in particular developing countries.

In the framework of this initiative, AETS and its partners are entrusted by the European Commission to implement training courses and sustained training missions.