Zoonoses Events

Zoonoses Session 1

Venice, Italy



AMR Session 1

Krakow, Poland



Zoonoses Session 2

Athens, Greece



Zoonoses Session 3

Uppsala, Sweden



AMR Session 2

Trim, Ireland



AMR Session 3

Athens, Greece



Zoonoses Session 4

Venice, Italy



AMR Session 4

Trim, Ireland



Zoonoses 2015-2017


BTSF contract on Control of Zoonoses and Prevention and monitoring of Anti-microbial Resistance in the food chain” – 2014 96 05.

Organisation of training sessions on Control of zoonoses and zoonotic agents (Course 1) and on Prevention and monitoring of Anti-microbial resistance in the food chain (Course 2).

The contract was signed in July 2015 and foresees the organization of four 3-days training sessions for each course between 2015 and 2017 in five different locations: Venice (IT); Krakow (PL), Uppsala (SE), Athens (GR) and Trim (IE). The training courses will be open to participants from EU Member States, Candidate Countries, EFTA-EEA Countries, ENP countries.

A total of 160 participants from the Competent authorities of EU Member States, Candidate Countries, EFTA-EEA, ENP countries and selected third countries will be trained.


The objective of Course 1 is to further harmonise the approaches of the Member States on the control of zoonoses and of zoonotic agents. It should primarily increase the efficacy of staff of competent authorities in the Member States involved in the implementation and reporting on the control zoonoses and zoonotic agents, in particular Salmonella, and in those zoonoses and zoonotic agents which are monitored and controlled in the primary production in the framework of control and eradication programmes executed in relevant animal populations in order to reach the requested targets for reduction as well as epidemiological indicators set in the Member States.

The objective of Course 2 is to further harmonise the approaches and practices of the Member States in order to increase the efficacy of the competent authority to verify compliance with the legal requirements in the field of antimicrobial consumption and AMR monitoring, reporting and control.

Support provided by the project

A total of 160 participants from the Competent authorities of EU Member States, Candidate Countries, EFTA-EEA, ENP countries and other selected non-EU countries will be trained

Participants will benefit of:

  • Flight ticket in economy class or bus or train ticket in first class;
  • Health and repatriation insurance;
  • VISA (when applicable);
  • Food and Accommodation in the hotel where the workshop is organized (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks);
  • Training material;
  • Free access to the meeting rooms

Selection of participants

All the selection and registration process will be carried out in cooperation between the Project Manager and the National Contact Point (NCP) in the beneficiary country. The NCP will identify the participants, according to the number of seats and the selection criteria, and will send the registration forms to the Project Manager.

  • Be officers from competent authorities involved in planning and coordinating relevant control activities (preferably at central level).
  • Be in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the training within the national competent authority and/or to private sector operators.
  • Own proficiency in English

Consortium Partners

AETS (Leader) and FVI

Contact person

Pietro D’ELIA, Project Manager

e-mail address: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Tel. +33 (0)5 59 72 43 23