PAE Events

PAE Session 1

Barcelona, Spain



PAE Session 2

Torino, Italy



PAE Session 3

Braunschweig, Germany



PAE Session 4

Torino, Italy



PAE Session 5

Braunschweig, Germany



PAE Session 6

Barcelona, Spain



PAE Session 7

Barcelona, Spain



PAE Session 8

Ede-Wageningen, The Netherlands



PAE Session 9

Montpellier, France



PAE Session 10

Barcelona, Spain



PAE - Session 11

Ede-Wageningen, The Netherlands



PAE - Session 12

Montpellier, France



PAE 2015-2018


Contract CHAFEA 2014 96 02: Organisation and implementation of training activities on inspection and calibration of pesticide application equipment in professional use under the Netter Training for Safer Food Initiative.

  • Number of events in 2015  and 2016: 6 (3 in 2015, 3 in 2016)
  • Seminar duration: 3 days
  • Regional coverage: Barcelona (Spain), Torino (Italy), Braunschweig (Germany)
  • Possibility of technical assistance (STM): n/a of number
  • Number of events in 2017 and 2018: 6 (3 in 2017, 3 in 2018)
  • Seminar duration: 3 days
  • Regional coverage: Barcelona (Spain),Ede-Wageningen (The Netherlands), Montpellier (France)
  • Possibility of technical assistance (STM): n/a of number


  • Ensure a harmonized, practical and suitable training process for staff in charge of the organization of inspector’s training activities in Europe.
  • Accomplish with the received mandate from European Commission in the sense of be ready to inspect all type of PAE, giving a training contents beyond the widely used field crop sprayers and orchard sprayers (i.e. train sprayers, greenhouse’s sprayers, dust applicators,…).
  • Keep participants updated with the latest technologies or developments in the spray application technology.
  • Propose the requested knowledge and methods so that all the staff in charge may guarantee a standard level of quality, not only during the training activities but also during the inspection procedure itself.
  • Give main directions and clear processes about the important aspect of calibration and maintenance of PAEs.

Support provided by the project

The project will support a total of 115 participants through the organisation and implementation of a 6 training sessions of 3 days each, distributed in two full days and two half days.

The global participation from MS and candidates countries will not exceed 100 participants. The other 15 places should be assigned to participants from potential candidate countries and EFTA/EEA countries, as specified in the tender

  • Travel

For each supported participant, the project will reimburse (upon provision of an original receipt from a travel agency or airline company - electronic tickets will not be considered as original documents) or will provide a return flight ticket - in economy class - using the most direct route.

Transfers from home to the airport will not be refund, unless both ways are longer than 200 km.

For participants from third countries, the project will also reimburse visa costs upon provision of the original receipts by the participants for the incurred expenses.

Upon arrival, transfer from the airport to the hotel will be arranged by the event managers, as well as the transfer from the training site to the airport on the last day of the training.

The project also provides health and repatriation insurance for all the trainees.

  • Accommodation

The project will provide full-board accommodation for subsided trainees for the period of the training:

-         Participants will land at international airport of the host city during the morning of the first day of the training or on the night before (depending on flight availability).

-         from the 1st to 4th day of the training: full board accommodation including breakfast,  2 coffee breaks, lunch, dinner and room charge (single occupancy)

-         on the last day of the training: breakfast, 1 coffee break and lunch for participant departing before 19:00. Special arrangements will be done for those departing later due to travel constraints.

  • Training courses

The following costs related to the implementation of the training courses will be covered by the project:

-         Access to fully equipped meeting rooms

-         Transportation to the training centre

-         Transportation to the visited establishments

-         The project will also provide the following material:

-         Stationary (notepad, pen, notepad-holder),

-         A folder including hand-outs of all the lectures,

-         USB key containing all the training material in electronic version

-         Security and safety equipment (hygiene kit, helmets)

Selection of participants

The criteria to attend the training session are the following:

-         Relevance to daily work: Staff of Competent Authority of the MS involved in official control activities and field inspectors of PAE. Also can be included delegates from candidate members and EFTA/EEA countries.

-         Sufficient level of language: participants should master the official language of the training sessions (English).

-         Ability to share their experience: priority will be given to participants whom the position will allow to share with colleagues the outputs of the training.

The registration of the trainees is based on the submission of applications by the national contact point.

The dateline for the submission of the application will be 5 weeks before the training, which is   the optimal period to ensure the availability of adequate flights and a perfect organization.

Consortium Partners

Ainia (Leader), UPC (Partner), AETS (Partner)

Contact person

Project manager:

Carmen T. Serrano (ainia)


+34 96 136 60 90

Event managers:

Ainia Event Manager

Mr. Carlos GARCÍA

AETS Event Manager

Mrs. Tara Johanna ALVAREZ

Contract: Contract CHAFEA 2014 96 02: Organisation and implementation of training activities on inspection and calibration of pesticide application equipment in professional use under the Netter Training for Safer Food Initiative.