BTSF World - Animal Health & Welfare - Asia/Pacific

Workshop on Animal Welfare

Negombo, Sri-Lanka



Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) event in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand



BTSF World - Animal Health & Welfare- Asia/Pacific


Contract: (EAHC) 2012 96 16 Organisation and implementation of training activities on improving and strengthening the sanitary and phytosanitary framework in non-EU Member countries - Animal Health and Welfare in Asia and the Pacific

The contract started in September 2013 and it will end in September 2016. A total of 6 regional workshops and 120 days of Sustained Training and Assistants Missions will be organized. 1 Workshop will be on Animal Welfare and 5 workshops will focus on different topics of Animal Health. 4 workshops will be organized in ASEAN region, 1 in the Pacific and 1 in SAARC region.

  • 3 workshops in 2014, 2 workshops in 2015 and 1 workshop in 2016
  • Seminar duration: 4 full days
  • Regional coverage: Asia and the Pacific
  • Possibility of technical assistance (STM): 120 working days of Sustained Training and Technical Assistance Missions


General Objective: To enhance the animal health, animal welfare and the food security in the beneficiary countries.

Specific Objectives: The specific objectives change from a workshop to another. However all the workshops aim at contributing to a more efficient and effective control of Animal Diseases which have a direct or indirect impact on the food security in the beneficiary countries.

Selection of Participants

Relevant Competent Authorities in the beneficiary countries will be invited to identify a National Contact Point (NCP) who will be the only channel of communication with the Event Manager.

The NCP will identify the participants, according to the number of seats and the selection criteria, and will send the registration forms to the Event Manager.

Participants will be mainly officers from the Competent Authorities in charge of the official controls on Animal Health and Welfare. However relevant stakeholders (representatives from farmers’ associations, industry, Universities, NGOs, …) might attend the workshop as non-supportd participants.


Support provided by the project:


An average of 45 participants per workshop and 15 not supported participants. Totally 360 participants of which 270 supported.

Participants will benefit of:

Flight ticket in economy class or bus or train ticket in first class;

Health and repatriation insurance;

VISA (when applicable);

Food and Accommodation in the hotel where the workshop is organized (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks);

Training material;

Free access to the meeting rooms.

Consortium partners

-       FVI(leader)

-       AETS (partner)

-       VetEffect (partner)


<p>The profiles of the applicants should respect the following criteria: </p>
<li>Be officers of the National Competent Authority, relevant Government Ministries, Inspection services and official food-testing laboratories, involved in official controls in the EU and EEA Countries, on import of products of non-animal origin;</li>
<li>Be involved in the drafting or adaptation of policies and Regulations in line with Regulation (EC) 882/2004.</li>
<li>Be preferably in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the workshop within the National Competent Authority and/or to private sector operators.</li>
<li>Proficiency in the language of the training (English)</li>
<p>NCPs are welcome to send participants who will not be supported by the project.</p>