BTSF World- Food Safety & Plant Health in Africa & ENP Countries


The Contract EAHC/2012/96/11 requires the organization of six Regional Workshops to be implemented in Africa and ENP countries and dealing with Plant Health, PPP, the SPS framework RASFF and TRACES. The programme also foresees the organisation of Sustained Training and Technical Assistance Missions (STMs).

The training will comprise presentations/discussion sessions, working group activities on case studies and serious gaming. Practical sessions with visits will be organised to allow hands on experience. The participants will be required to participate actively in the debriefings, discussions and group activities.

  • Number of events in 2014 and 2015: 6
  • Seminar duration: 4  days
  • Regional coverage: Africa and ENP countries.
  • Possibility of technical assistance (STM): 230 working days


The general objective of the BTSF programme is to implement a European Union training strategy in the areas of food law, feed law, animal health, animal welfare and plant health rules. It is aimed at ensuring that the operators of the food/plant production sectors improve their level of compliance with international and EU safety standards, so as to enhance consumer protection in the EU Member States, as well as in the exporting countries. Non-EU countries have access to this training initiative so as to familiarise them with EU standards and import requirements. Guarantees related to the respect of EU legislation must be given by non-EU countries when exporting food, feed, live animals and plants to the EU and all consignments need to be in compliance with EU requirements.

Selection of Participants

All applicants should confirm their participation and register using the provided registration form. The National Project Coordinator NPC may then send it to the Project Manager.

The participants should be:

a)         Staff of Competent Authorities involved in the implementation and enforcement of SPS requirements for exportation to the EU;

b)         Preferably directly involved in the application of the EU Legislation and design of regional/national legislations or in the enforcement of their application;

c)         Preferably in a position giving them the function to train other officers in the national competent authority and private sector operators, so as to ensure further dissemination of the knowledge acquired during the workshop;

d)         Private stakeholders (non-supported participants), taking part in the process of production and following stages of the food chain for exportation to the EU.

Support provided by the project:

The project requires the organisation of 6 four-day Regional Workshops with the objective to reach an average of approximately 360 participants globally, 270 being supported by the programme.

Each Workshop will comprise 45 supported participants and 15 non-supported participants coming from selected non-EU countries in Africa and ENP.

The project will provide a return flight ticket in economy class by the most direct route – or a train/bus ticket in first class for each supported participant.

The project will ensure the subsistence of supported participants for the whole duration of the training session, as follows:

- On Day 0: transfer from airport to the hotel, welcome drink and room charge (Single occupancy);

- On Day one, two and three: breakfast, access to fully equipped training facilities, documentation, 2 coffee breaks per day, lunch, dinner and room charge (Single occupancy);

- On Day four: breakfast, lunch, access to fully equipped training facilities, and transfer from the hotel to the airport.

No “perdiem” or “pocket money” will be distributed to participants in addition to what is indicated here above. All personal expenses such as local transports, mini-bar, laundry, room services, and extra drinks/meals will be charged to the participants by the hotel. The hotel will therefore require them to show a credit card to validate the check-in.

Consortium partners

Lead firm:

- Agriconsulting Europe S.A.



Technical Partners:

- Kephis for the workshop on Plant Health and Plant Protection products to be held in Nairobi.

Contact person

Project Manager:

Lorenzo Grazioli


Tel: +32 2 736 22 77


Tel: +32 2 737 92 70


<p>The profiles of the applicants should respect the following criteria: </p>
<li>Be officers of the National Competent Authority, relevant Government Ministries, Inspection services and official food-testing laboratories, involved in official controls in the EU and EEA Countries, on import of products of non-animal origin;</li>
<li>Be involved in the drafting or adaptation of policies and Regulations in line with Regulation (EC) 882/2004.</li>
<li>Be preferably in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the workshop within the National Competent Authority and/or to private sector operators.</li>
<li>Proficiency in the language of the training (English)</li>
<p>NCPs are welcome to send participants who will not be supported by the project.</p>