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Vienna, Austria



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Felixstowe, United Kingdom



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Felixstowe, United Kingdom



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Bajakovo, Croatia



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Felixstowe, United Kingdom



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BIPs 2015-2016


Border Controls are fundamental to the animal and public health security of the European Single Market. With the enlargement of the European Union to 28 Member States it is necessary to ensure that all official staff engaged in border controls (including candidate countries, EFTA and EEA countries) have adequate training in order to better implement effective and harmonized border control checks.

The training sessions on this topic of Control checks at Border Inspection Posts are organized under Work Package 1 of Contract 2012 96 02. This work package is divided into 3 courses:

Course 1: Veterinary and food safety control checks in a seaport BIP

Course 2: Veterinary and food safety control checks in a road/rail BIP

Course 3: Veterinary and food safety control checks in an airport BIP

  • Number of events in 2015 and 2016: 11
  • Seminar duration: 3 days
  • Regional coverage: Felixstowe – United Kingdom (seaport), Bajakovo – Croatia (road/rail), Vienna – Austria (airport)



The objective of the training sessions organized on this topic is to disseminate good practices for border control procedures, improving knowledge of this complex area of work and ensuring consistent and high implementation standards across the EU.

Support provided by the project

The attendance should be approximately 40 people for each session which means an expected global number of 440 for the whole training programme. 430 seats are offered to EU Member states and candidate countries and 10 seats are offered to EFTA countries. Each national contact point is informed of the number of seats allocated to his/her country.

The project will cover the cost of transport from the departure airport to the training site and return.

The project will ensure the subsistence of supported participants for the whole duration of the training session, as follows:

  • On Day 1: transfer from airport to the hotel, welcome lunch, documents and material for the training session, access to the conference room and welcome break in the afternoon, dinner and room charge (single occupancy).
  • On days 2 and 3: breakfast, access to the training facilities, coffee breaks, lunch, dinner and room charge (Single occupancy).
  • On day 4: breakfast, lunch, access to training facilities, and transfer from the hotel to the airport.

No “perdiem” or “pocket money” will be distributed to participants in addition to what is indicated here above. All personal expenses such as local transports, mini-bar, laundry, room services, and extra drinks/meals will be charged to the participants by the hotel. The hotel will therefore require them to show a credit card to validate the check-in.

Selection of participants

The training sessions are considered as intermediate. They are focused on practical veterinary checks at BIPs and are aimed at participants with a practical knowledge of veterinary checks, i.e. BIPs' staff or officials working at local or central level with responsibilities in import controls. However, as during each training session participants are grouped according to their knowledge, it is also useful to send newcomers working in a BIP to the courses provided that they have some basic knowledge on import controls. It is the second phase of the training course on BIPs 2013-2014 and the programme arranged for 2015-2016 includes some updates and improvements. Training locations for the seaport, airport and road/rail have changed. Participants who have not yet attended the training courses in the past should be encouraged to participate with priority in this second phase of the training to ensure that all staff working in European BIPs has attended a training course.

Consortium Partners

The training session is organized by JVL Consulting (JVLc), member of the Consortium led by Agriconsulting Europe SA (AESA)

Contact person

Project manager: Fabiana Quadu


+32 81 32 79 96

Event Manager: Floriane Risselin


+32 81 32 79 93