Internal audit - 2011/2012 - n° EAHC 2010 96 07

Internal auditThe Contract N° 2010 96 07 "Audit Systems and Internal Auditing" has been designed and implemented to ensure the quality of national controls in all fields of Reg. 882/Y2004.



  • Number of events during the project: 12
  • Seminar duration: number of 5 days
  • Regional coverage: Bordeaux, FRANCE / Dublin/IRELAND / Lisboa, PORTUGAL / Delf, The NETHERLANDS / Bilbao, SPAIN
  • Topic of the session:

There were two kinds of sessions:

- Course A: Implement and Audit Unit

- Course B: Conduct an audit


The objectives were:

To spread knowledge and best practices of internal audits carried out to ensure the verification of compliance with feed and food law, animal welfare rules and that the objectives of the Regulation is being achieved.

To promote a harmonized approach for auditing, following the principles and criteria that will create equal playing field for all.

To acquire the abilities to plan and conduct audits of official control plans.


Support provided by the project:

Consortium Partners:

Lead firm: AENOR

Partners: AETS, AINIA, FVI and VWA

Technical Partners:

  • Spanish Agency of Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), Spain.
  • Food Safety of Ireland (FSAI), Ireland.
  • Direcçao – Geral de Veterinaria (DGV), Portugal.
  • Sanitary Audit Unit (UAS) – General Directorate of Food (DGAI), France.

Contact Person: