Animal Health and AquacultureThe contract EAHC 2009 96 05 on “Organisation and Implementation of training activities on Animal Health prevention and Controls on Aquaculture animals” required the organization of 2 courses: Fish Health and Molluscs and Crustaceans Health.




3 three-day training sessions were held in 2010 and 3 in 2011 in UK and Spain. Objectives: The main objective of the programme “Better Training for Safer Food” is to ensure that staff of the competent authorities of Member States involved in official controls on animal health and welfare and on food and feed businesses have a uniform and up-dated approach as well as a high level of expertise with regards in particular to auditing and control techniques for the verification of compliance with EU legislation requirements. The specific objective of this contract was to train the competent authority staff on the implementation of the official controls under the Directive 2006/88/EC on animal health requirements for aquaculture animals and products thereof, and on the prevention and control of certain diseases in aquatic animals


Impact: The six training events directly benefited 228 participants from 26 EU Member States, 2 Candidate Countries, 3 EFTA/EEA states and Jamaica.  156 participants joined the Fish Health Training and 72 the Molluscs and Crustaceans Health Training.


Support provided by the project : The project reached globally 228 participants from EU Member States and Candidate Countries, EEA and Switzerland.


Consortium Partners: AETS was the leader company, AENOR and CEFAS were partner of the consortium


Technical Partners: -


Contact Person: The Lead Event Manager was Pietro D’Elia: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING