“Food Composition and Information mainly for EU Member States ” - 2013/2016 - CHAFEA N°2012 96 05

fciContract N°CHAFEA N°2012 96 05

Following recent evolutions of the EU legal framework, the Directorate General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission, required to AETS, under the contract 2012 96 05, the organisation of a specific training programme on legal requirements regarding Food Information (incl. food labelling, nutritional labelling, health claims…) and Food Composition (incl. nutritional requierements, food added with vitamins …), and its practical implementation by National Competent Authorities in EU Member States.



  • Number of events during the project: 30 sessions over a four-year period (2013-2016)
  • Seminar duration: number of  days: 4 days from Monday morning to Friday noon
  • Regional coverage: Countries : 15 sessions in in 6 locations (Madrid, Valencia, Venice, Dublin, Prague and Riga), training more than 1192 participants, from Member States, Candidates, EFTA and Third Countries were trained.



  • To contribute towards a common understanding of the relevant legislation applicable to food composition and food information.
  • To spread knowledge and best practice and share experience with the attendees and among them in order to increase the level of expertise with regards to food labeling, nutrition and health claims, food supplements, fortified food and dietetic foods.



It allowed to train:

  • 1107 participants from PM/CC/EEA
  • 51 participants from EN
  • 54 participants from TC


Support provided by the project

  • Coordination of the implementation of the overall project, reporting on project’s inception, progress and finalization;
  • Elaboration of training programmes and material according to the priorities expressed by CHAFEA and DG SANTE (i.e.: latest development in the food law, hot issues);
  • Timely mobilisation of qualified, experienced speakers and technical experts to ensure the smooth operation of the project;
  • Organisation of training sessions: elaboration of training material, programme development and formatting; - Creation of communication tools and elaboration of an internet web-site in order to promote events; - Creation of information packets in English covering all the topics and presentations made during the workshops and disseminating them to participants; - Gathering and analysing feedback and results of the workshops


Consortium Partners

  • Leader: AETS
  • Partners: UNE (former AENOR), AINIA, AESA, EFET (Phase I)

Technical Partners : N/A

Contact Person:

  • Sebastien Rahoux, Project Leader, , JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING