“BTSF contract on Official supervision as regards semen, ova, embryos” (2014/2016)– 2013 96 16

embryosContract N°CHAFEA N°2013 96 16

The project aimed at organising training sessions on Official supervision as regards semen, ova, embryos. The contract was signed in June 2014 and foresaw the organization of 10 4-day training sessions during two years, between 2014 and 2016, in three different locations: Venice (IT); Lisbon (PT) and Gothenburg (SE). The training was open to participants from EU Member States, Candidate Countries, EFTA-EEA Countries and ENP countries.





A total of 229 participants from the Competent Veterinary Authorities of EU Member States, Candidate Countries, EFTA-EEA and ENP countries has been trained.

The use of semen, ova and embryos of domestic animals is part of an efficient breeding policy which leads to better productivity and increased margins in this sector. Many consignments of germinal products come from different Member States and third countries.

Therefore since 1988 (Directive 88/407/EC) the European Union (EU) has introduced a comprehensive set of stringent measures to create a harmonised system for trade in and imports into the EU of semen, ova and embryos of the bovine, ovine, caprine, equine and porcine species. Their main objective is to protect the EU territory from the risk of animal disease spreading via germinal products.

In this context, the aim of this project was to train a high number of the Competent Veterinary Authorities’ staff in order to further improve the understanding and the harmonisation of the implementation of EU legislation on the above-mentioned subjects.



This project covered relevant aspects applicable to controls to be carried out to verify compliance with legislation on collection, production, processing, storage and transportation of semen, ova and embryos as regards trade in and imports of germinal products.

The objectives of this training were to:


  • increase understanding and knowledge of the organization and functioning of semen collection/storage centres and embryo collection/production teams of different species of animals;
  • present the role and scope of official inspections in that field;
  • ensure a common understanding of the minimum requirements for approval and supervision of the centres and teams;
  • propose a practical approach for a sound assessment of the conditions for approval and supervision of the centres and teams (in regular inspections or following identification of possible animal health event);
  • develop skills and disseminate best practices in official veterinary inspection in this field;
  • ensure consistent and high implementation standards across the EU.



Content of the training


  • Main diseases of concern for germinal products;
  • Role and activity of the official laboratories;
  • Approval and supervision of semen collection/storage centres;
  • Approval and supervision of embryos collection/production teams;
  • Challenges posed by new technologies as semen sexing and embryo engineering;
  • Rules on transport and trade in germinal products;
  • Imports of germinal products.


Targeted audience


This training was addressed to official veterinarians from local veterinary services responsible for official supervision of semen collection and storage centres and/or of embryo collection and production teams and for trade in and imports of germinal products, and to officials from central Competent Veterinary Authorities in charge of this area.

Moreover, all participants had to:

  • Be in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the training within the national Competent Authority and/or to private sector operators.
  • Own proficiency in the language of the training


Consortium Partners

  • Leader: AETS
  • Partners: Agrotec

Technical Partners :

  • Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe) - IT
  • Intermizoo - IT
  • Directorate General of Food and Veterinary (DGAV) - PT
  • Portuguese Animal Germplasm Bank (BPGA) - PT
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture (SBA) - SE

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