Support to Union Control - 2011/2012 - EAHC n° 2010 96 10

Union ControlContract n° 2010 96 08 "Training sessions on the support to Union Controls in Member States and Third Countries" aimed to support the Food and Veterinary Office in the organisation of 24 training sessions dedicated to nominated participants, susceptible to act as National Expert together with FVO auditors during missions in the EU and in Third Countries.


Internal audit - 2011/2012 - n° EAHC 2010 96 07

Internal auditThe Contract N° 2010 96 07 "Audit Systems and Internal Auditing" has been designed and implemented to ensure the quality of national controls in all fields of Reg. 882/Y2004.




Animal Health and Aquaculture - 2010/2011 - n° EAHC 2009 96 05

Animal Health and AquacultureThe contract EAHC 2009 96 05 on “Organisation and Implementation of training activities on Animal Health prevention and Controls on Aquaculture animals” required the organization of 2 courses: Fish Health and Molluscs and Crustaceans Health.


Food Hygiene and Controls - 2010/2011 - n °EAHC 2009 96 04

Food Hygiene and ControlsContract: The BTSF Food Hygiene and Controls programme 2010 – 2011 (Contract n° 2009 96 04) provided training courses on meat and products derived from meat, milk and dairy products, fishery products and LBM.