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World SPS - Animal Disease Preparedness

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Event : World SPS - Animal Disease Preparedness
Start Date : 2019-03-18
End Date : 2019-03-21
Organized at : , Putrajaya, Malaysia-
Description :

This workshop aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of EU legislation on animal health which provides protection against introduction and spread of contagious animal diseases.

By further building capacity for animal disease preparedness in the South- and Southeast Asian region, the EU intends to ensure that concerned exporting countries establish effective surveillance and control programs compliant with the philosophy of EU legislation and OIE standards.



The workshop targets participants from ASEAN and SAARC countries, other non-supported participants are invited from relevant international organisations (FAO, OIE, ASEAN Secretariat) and Malaysia. It is addressing in priority staff of competent authorities. About 50 participants will be supported by the programme.

The participants will be requested to arrive on Sunday and to depart on the following Thursday evening or Friday morning. The workshop will be organised over four full days, starting on Monday morning and ending on Thursday afternoon.

The workshop will consist of a balanced mix of theoretical and interactive trainings with emphasis on the practical exercises, using also case-studies. On Tuesday evening there will be a guided tour through the city of Kuala Lumpur which will enable the participants to get to know the other participants in a more informal setting.

The daily work schedule will be from about 08h30 to 17h00, with 6 hours of effective training time, split in two sessions of 3 hours in the morning and in the afternoon. A break of 30 minutes will be organized in the morning and in the afternoon each day. A lunch break will be offered for one hour. A dinner will be organized each day.

Training center & Accommodation:

The participants will be accommodated and the training wil take place in

The Everly Putrajaya Hotel,

No.1 Jalan Alamanda 2, Precinct 1,

62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia.


The objective is to enhance the capacity of participants on the understanding of EU legislation on animal disease preparedness (including early warning, contingency planning, animal disease control and regionalization) to protect against the introduction into and spread within the EU of specific animal diseases.

The lectures, hands-on training, case-studies, and discussions shall bring the participants in a position where they are able to understand EU legislation on animal disease preparedness and therefore be able to contribute to improve and reinforce the sanitary and phytosanitary framework as necessary in each of their countries and in relevant regional associations.

Deadline for registration:22 February 2019
Selection procedure:

The participants should be officials working for the competent authorities on Animal Disease Preparedness, at national or regional level, be preferably in a position giving them the function to train other officers in the national competent authorities and private sector operators, to ensure further dissemination of the knowledge acquired during the workshop and be able to work in English and participate with ease in work sessions’ discussions

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