Food Improvement Agent - Course B, Session 2

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Event : Food Improvement Agent - Course B, Session 2
Start Date : 2019-11-18
End Date : 2019-11-22
Organized at : , Frankfurt, Germany-
Description :

Organisation and implementation of training activities on the legislation and control of food improvement agents in the EU under the "BTSF" initiative.

This is the 2nd session of Course B.



Course B – addressing all the steps to plan, implement and monitor official controls on FIA efficiently, and featuring the development of pedagogical project where participants will gradually develop a comprehensive control plan for a specific food chain.

Course type B relates to the monitoring and official controls plans of food improvement agents. Its objective is to help participants understand how to set priorities, identify which food businesses must be controlled and what to control in to monitor misuse of food additives, food flavourings and food enzymes. Therefore, the aim is to ensure appropriate and harmonised implementation of monitoring and official controls plans for these food improvement agents at EU MS level.

Taking into consideration that the programme on Food Improvement Agents has been in place for several years, the time spent to remind participants of the legal background in Course B is reduced. These aspects will be addressed in detail before the course through a voluntary Webinar opened to the participants registered in Course B.

Training center & Accommodation:

Participants will be accommodated at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt.


Mailänderstraße 1

60598 Frankfurt


The Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt is only 5 min from downtown and the main station and less than 15 min to the Congress Centre and Frankfurt Airport. The 25-storey Frankfurt hotel was built on the highest point of Frankfurt. The hotel has 449 rooms and enjoy stunning views of the Frankfurt skyline and the vicinity. This Frankfurt hotel is close to many of the famous attractions of the metropolis on the River Main, including the “Museumsufer”, a concentration of 15 museums on the banks of the River Main; the “Ebbelwoi Quarter”, where you can drink the local cider speciality in many different taverns; the Old City main sites, including Goethe’s House and the Frankfurt Cathedral “Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus”.


This programme, about EU approach for the evaluation, authorisation, monitoring and control of food additives, flavourings and enzymes, includes new practical-oriented features to facilitate understanding of the legislation and its enforcement.

Deadline for registration:4th October 2019
Selection procedure:

Selection procedure: The selection criteria for participants to COURSE B are:

o          Relevant technical background: participants should preferably have the necessary knowledge in the relevant legislation and controls of food improvement agents;

o          Relevancy to daily work: Participants should, in priority, be staff of the competent authorities and be involved in the planning of control activities in the field of FIA or in charge of auditing in central/regional authorities. Attendance to course A, or strong experience in Food additives field.

o          Sufficient level of English language: in order to ensure the transfer of knowledge and opportunities to exchange views, participants should master the language of the training session for which they applied;

o          Ability to share their experience: priority will be given to participants whose position will allow them to share with colleagues the outputs of the training sessions.

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