World SPS - Animal Welfare during transport and at the time of killing

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Event : World SPS - Animal Welfare during transport and at the time of killing
Start Date : 2018-03-06
End Date : 2018-03-09
Organized at : , Buenos Aires, Argentina-
Description :

The 4-days workshop will include a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. A study visits to a poultry and a red meat slaughterhouse will also be organised in order to give to the participants practical examples of official checks on animal welfare at the time of killing.


The workshop will deal with the following topics:

v Organisation of official controls on animal welfare in the EU;

v Scientific basis of animal welfare;

v EU legislation on animal welfare during transport and at the time of killing;

v Outcomes based on animal welfare indicators;

v EFSA scientific opinions;

v Animal welfare import requirements and the certification for export to EU in relation to the protection of animals at the time of killing.

Training center & Accommodation:

El Conquistador:

Suipacha 948 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (C1008AAT)

However the first day of the workshop will be organised in one of the meeting rooms of Palacio de San Martin, kindly offered by Argentinian authorities.


By further building knowledge and implementation of national legislation on animal welfare in Latin America, the EU intends ensuring that concerned exporting countries establish effective measures compliant with the philosophy of EU legislation and OIE standards.

The specific objective is to enhance capacity of participants on the understanding of EU legislation on animal welfare and on how to implement equivalent standards in Latin America, adapted to the local climatic and cultural context.

Deadline for registration:02 February 2018
Selection procedure:

Selection procedure :

The training programme is open to participants whose application was received from the BTSF National Contact Points of their country - through the selection process described hereunder.


The profiles of the applicants should respect the following criteria:

v be officers of the national competent authorities and/or institutions involved in the official controls on animal welfare

v be preferably in a position giving them the function to train other officers in the national competent authorities and private sector operators, so as to ensure further dissemination of the knowledge acquired during the workshop;

v be able to work in Spanish and participate with ease in work sessions’ discussions


The National Contact Points are basically requested to:

a) consider the number of participants to be supported by the project, according to the information provided by the Project Manager

b) select participants complying with the above-mentioned selection criteria and request them to return a registration form[1] fully completed, using the templates provided;

c) send the registration forms to the Project Manager (PM) latest by the dates indicated for the relevant training.


The Project Manager will verify the compliance of proposed participants with the selection criteria on the basis of the information provided in the registration form and inform the NCP accordingly if the application can be accepted. It is therefore advisable to make sure that CVs accurately reflect the adequacy of the profile of the participants with the selection criteria.

[1] Registration forms must be returned with a clear indication of the session chosen by the participant, even for applications on the reserve list

Information to participants:1516874575_Inf12_Información para los participantes_Argentina_v2.pdf
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