Traces Session 3B

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Event : Traces Session 3B
Start Date : 2016-06-14
End Date : 2016-06-17
Organized at : , Riga, Latvia-
Description :

This event will be the second training session organised under the project “TRADE CONTROL AND EXPERT SYSTEM (TRACES)”, Course 3: TRACES USE AT IMPORT OF LIVE PLANTS, in the framework of the Better Training for Safer Food initiative. It will welcome 30 participants from the EU Member States and Candidate Countries.


Introduction will be given on legislation on food law and more specifically on TRACES. Several case studies will be discussed in working groups. The course includes general presentations on the use of TRACES and a visit at the inspection post of Riga, Latvia, where a demonstration on the use of TRACES will be given by the local inspectors. A practical session on computers on the use of TRACES application will also be carried out.

Training center & Accommodation:

The session will be held in Riga (Latvia). Accommodation will be provided for participants at the Avalon Hotel.

On day 1 (in the afternoon), 2 (in the morning) and 3, the participants will attend the tutors’ presentations and working sessions in the facilities of the Avalon Hotel where lunches, dinners and coffee breaks will be served.

The practical sessions on computers will take place at the premises of the “JSC Datorzinibu Centrs” on Day 1 (in the morning) and 2 (in the afternoon).

The demonstration of the use of TRACES will be carried out at the inspection post of Riga Port on Day 3.

Training sessions will be performed in English.


The objective of the present project is to provide training on the use of TRACES. It aims at ensuring communication and dissemination of best practices for TRACES use, improving the knowledge on this system and ensuring consistent and high implementation standards for all EU Member States and other invited countries

Deadline for registration:10 May 2016
Selection procedure:

The training is open to participants whose application was received from the BTSF National Contact Points of their country - through the selection process described hereunder.

The profiles of the applicants should respect the following criteria:

  • Be officers of the National Competent Authority, relevant Government Ministries, Inspection services involved in the use of the TRACES application at an Inspection Post;
  • Be involved in the drafting or adaptation of policies and Regulations in line with Regulation (EC) 882/2004, and related to the use of TRACES.
  • Be preferably in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the workshop within the national competent authority and/or to private sector operators;
  • Be proficient in the language of the training (English or French)
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