Zoonoses Session 2

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Event : Zoonoses Session 2
Start Date : 2016-04-19
End Date : 2016-04-22
Organized at : , Athens, Greece-
Description :

The main topics included in the training programme are the following:

v Overview of Salmonella in pigs and poultry

v Assessment of the public health impact of Salmonella

v EU Provisions on the control of Salmonella

v Risk factors for Salmonella in pigs and poultry

v Biosecurity measures for the control of Salmonella

v Risk management and control options for Salmonella

v Campylobacter control: Risk factors and biosecurity measures

Training center & Accommodation:

The objective of the training on Control of Zoonoses is to further harmonise the approaches of the Member States on the control of zoonoses and of zoonotic agents. It should primarily increase the efficacy of staff of competent authorities in the Member States involved in the implementation and reporting on the control zoonoses and zoonotic agents, in particular Salmonella, and in those zoonoses and zoonotic agents which are monitored and controlled in the primary production in the framework of control and eradication programmes executed in relevant animal populations in order to reach the requested targets for reduction as well as epidemiological indicators set in the Member States.

Deadline for registration:07/03/2016
Selection procedure:

Participants will comply with the following selection criteria:

  • Be officers from competent authorities involved in planning and coordinating relevant control activities (preferably at central level).
  • Be in a position to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the training within the national competent authority and/or to private sector operators.
  • Own proficiency in the language of the training
Information to participants:
Download programme:1456738919_Training Programme Zoonoses Athens.docx
Information to participants not financed: