Institutional Support

AETS can intervene in all the areas relating to safety and security with the support of its mother company, APAVE, French leader in risk management related fields. Its assistance missions include:

Food Safety

  • Review and modification of regulatory frameworks to bring them into compliance with international (or EU) requirements, such as those laid down in the TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) and SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures) agreements of the World Trade Organisation, or EU legislation
  • Capacity building on GHP, GMP, HACCP, food testing (residues, contaminants)

Safety of Installations and products

  • Capacity building on the application of EU and International safety standards for products and industrial installations
  • Review and modification of regulatory frameworks for the safety of industrial installations (Oil & gas, Chemistry…)

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Identification and implementation of economic incentives for reducing the level of risk in enterprises and governmental infrastructures
  • Development and review of the regulatory framework in the field of OSH
  • Optimisation of safety and protection of network systems
  • Capacity building in OSH: transfer of knowledge and training
  • Improvement of equipment and techniques related to safety
  • Procurement of equipment and the preparation of public and EU tenders
  • Enhancement of representation in international and EU fora

Enterprise Support

Technical assistance to enterprises is a core activity of AETS. It relies on a network of experts, certified auditors and advisors, versed in OSH-oriented international projects. Technical advice and training is provided to:  

      • Disseminate information on OSH regulations, standards, norms and practices
      • Improve crisis management capacities
      • Reduce risks of accidents and improve current safety management systems
      • Set-up safety management systems, such as OHSAS 18001
      • Development of management models such as Total Management, EFQM…
      • Develop competencies and expertise in OSH (by the design and implementation of training and workshops)
      • Accompany towards certification and conduct audits
      • Develop business and promote activities
      • Prevent risk of infringement, vandalism, diversion of information…

Our references

Training workshop on the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

AETS has been entrusted by the Directorate General for health and consumer protection of the EC(DG SANCO)with organising regional workshops on the EU RASFF and possibilities to implement similar systems in other regions of the world.
A rapid alert system for food has been operating within the European Commission since 1979 and was included in the EU Food Legislation (regulation 178/2002, Chap. IV) in 2002 as the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). The RASFF is a tool for exchanging information between food and feed control authorities in member states in cases where a risk to human health has been identified and measures have been taken, such as withholding, recalling, seizing or rejecting products. When food and feed not complying with the EU food safety standards are detected on the EU market or at the border, all authorities throughout Europe are informed. They can take action accordingly to ensure the highest level of protection for the European consumer.
The aim of the project is to inform third countries about the EU RASFF and to review with them the possibility and implications of developing similar systems, with a view to improving food quality and safety in their regions.
In 2007, three workshops will be held in China, ASEAN and MERCOSUR.
Details of the programme are available on the web-site of the project website
Training for Third Countries on EU Food Standards
Following the success of the project in 2006, the Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG-Sanco) has extended its contract with AETS for 2007.
In 2006 AETS - with its partners Ainia and Aenor - provided expert services and project management skills to DG Sanco for the implementation of six regional training workshops, on EU legislation for fishery and aquaculture products as well as fruits and vegetables. The workshops were held in Indonesia, Salvador, Colombia, Malaysia, Senegal and Tanzania. A total of 409 participants from 50 different countries and five regional organisations were trained, in French, English and Spanish.
In 2007, seven regional workshops will be organized. Five events will address EU legislation on fishery and aquaculture products (South East Asia, Chile, Morocco, Mauritius and Abu Dhabi), one event will focus on EU legislation for fruits and vegetables (Egypt), and one workshop will address the EU legislation on food contact materials.
Details of the programme are available on the web-site of the project website


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